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Why do we use Latine, Latinx, Latina, Latino interchangeably?

We aspire to be inclusive.

Spanish is a gendered language differentiating  between masculine and feminine terms through words like “Latina” and “Latino.”


Latinx, Latine are NOT MEANT to replace, Latino or Latina, but to include other identities and forms of expression. 

Our Labels


Our Thoughts

Identities do not create a monolith. We appreciate identities are dimensional, intersectional, and complex. Mi Gente Mi Pueblo believes Latinx/e equity is most impactful with an inclusive mindset. 


We understand discourse, perceptions, and feelings towards these terms are complicated. For example, we can challenge these labels on a foundational level; Latin can be viewed as a colonizer term. Some of us feel empowered by new inclusive terms. Some Latino/a have a strong sense of pride in their roots and traditional labels. And so many of us feel invisible in our communities, in en la Lucha, or somewhere in-between.

We use Latinx/e interchangeably on our site to include and honor all that make up our Mi Gente community. We invite people to identify as they choose. We recognize the diversity of cultures and ethnicities within the Latinx umbrella. Progress and healing fuel our work and impact – and this is why we include ALL in the conversation towards justice and equity. 

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