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Our Work

We are committed to amplifying our stories, healing internalized oppressive behaviors and attitudes, and advocating for systematic changes. We aim to create and share space to safely unlearn the poorly threaded Latinx narrative our people are told about ourselves as we search for opportunity in predominantly white spaces. For too long, parts of our community have been ignored or exiled, and that has weakened us. If the diversity and differences of our communities are respected, we are stronger together. Somos de aquí y Somos de allá. That’s why our cause isn’t just pro‑Latinx, it’s pro‑Black, pro‑indigenous, pro‑worker, pro‑mujer, pro‑immigrant, and pro‑pachamama, and why we prioritize building social movements across place, peoples and issues.



The base of our work begins with our stories. Who are we? How do we show up in community? In dominant white spaces, we have been made to feel invisible. We harness our voices to share with authenticity our past and present lived experiences. With connection, storytelling, and credible research, we are passionate about reshaping an inclusive and accurate narrative of Mi Gente. 


The Latinx umbrella includes a wide range of oppressive histories, intersectional identities, and stories of rich cultural traditions. Through community connection, healing practices, and the arts, we stand together in unison to claim the beauty and power that makes up Mi Gente! 



We reject tolerating systems that exclude or punish us. The work we are doing can only go so far without tangible system changes and accessible resources. Joining forces with the local government, non-profit, and business is critical for building capacity for racial equity in areas like education, health, housing, and our pursuit of happiness. Let’s combine our forces and continue the work!

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