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MiGente MiPueblo

In the beautiful and booming Tampa Bay area, Latine* families continue to plant roots and call this area home. Yet so many of us have been left wondering, ¿Y Cómo está Mi Gente? Where do we belong? Why don’t they see us?


We are innovative business owners, professional artists, educators, healers, and equity fighters.

We’re your neighbors, your friends, and your family.

We are here.

We are on the move & en la lucha.

** Why use Latinx and Latine? We aspire to be inclusive, so we use both terms interchangeably on our site.  For more information, check out our labels.

No events at the moment

Upcoming Events

Reclamando Our Narrative: Writing and Healing Workshop
Reclamando Our Narrative: Writing and Healing Workshop
Multiple Dates
Each session creates a safe space to center authentic stories, use creative writing to amplify our life experiences and cultivate our collective power through connection, healing, and advocacy.
May 25, 2024, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Virtual Session


Engage with Mi Gente


Join the

Connect with Mi Gente Mi Pueblo through monthly meetings, community events, and on social media.


Claim Your

Reflect on your story, your culture, your experiences. How do you fit into the Latinx umbrella?


Share in Community

Share time & space with other Latine folk in the area. Together we heal and celebrate Mi Gente.


Advocate Together

Participate in spaces where we are underrepresented, forgotten, or ignored. Engage in community conversations and advocate for equity in Tampa Bay with us!


A word from Carmen Price Carrillo

Why Join Mi Gente?

Mi Gente to me means finding my community. My space to be authentically me around people who love and uplift one another.

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